Digital Safety Campaign

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About the Digital Safety Campaign

As a part of the Digital Safety & Citizens Programme, students selected to represent their class as an Ambassador will have the opportunity to lead their peers in a Digital Safety campaign.

The campaign will take place towards the end of the programme to encourage students to demonstrate what they are learning by initiating a project to promote digital safety in their school.

Campaign ideas must be presented by each class across all participating schools in 2022/23 by the deadline date after which the best project as determined by our adjudicators is selected as the campaign winner.

Each participating class, led by their Digital Safety Ambassadors, will plan a digital safety campaign centred around a proposal to promote digital citizenship within their school. The idea does not necessarily need to be implemented but we will take the feasibility of the proposal into account when selecting the winning campaign.

As well as highlighting the core values of Honesty, Kindness, Respect, Excellence and Patience, the digital safety campaign must relate to one or more of the areas covered during the curriculum.

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Media Balance & Wellbeing
  • Privacy & Security
  • Fake News
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Hate Speech

What will the campaign consist of?

The class group should select which of the topics above their safety campaign should be built around and develop a project brief to promote it within their school community.

Each class should present one project brief that answers the following questions:

What is the campaign?
A description of what steps will be taken to achieve your end goal and improve digital safety.

Why is it needed at the school?Research on the reasons why this campaign will help the school more than any other campaign. Have other students complained about this particular problem more than others? Is it something you think will help you feel safer?

How will it help?
What you expect the campaign to do that will help improve digital safety? Will it raise awareness? Will it train people to be safer online?

Who will it benefit?
Will this project benefit only the students in your class? Are there any other beneficiaries to your campaign such as teachers or siblings?

Can it be implemented?
The project must be something realistic that can be achieved during this academic year and something the school’s Senior Leadership Team would agree to help implement.

Campaign Completion Assessment

Digital safety campaigns will be rewarded higher points during the assessment if they ensure the campaign has as many of the five core Islamic values as possible.

    • Honesty
    • Kindness
    • Respect
    • Excellence
    • Patience

Campaigns that have a balance between online and offline will also be judged more favourably.

Adjudicators will also give due consideration when assessing the safety campaigns to campaigns that have linked good digital safety ideas and practices to Islam, for example, referencing a relevant Hadith.

The deadline to submit all safety campaigns is Monday 13th March 2023. The lead Digital Safety Ambassador must submit the project brief and all supporting material on behalf of their class.