The Muslim Digital Safety Ambassador programme is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to conduct themselves safely online, enable them to challenge hate and to use digital media in a way that benefits themselves, their peers and the wider school community.

It is designed to supplement schools’ new Health and Wellbeing curriculum, covering the impact of using social media and helping ensure students and their families stay protected even when not in school.

The Muslim Digital Safety Ambassador is a student representative selected to lead on issues related to digital safety in the school. They are expected to set an example on how to conduct oneself on social media, promote online safety measures and help identify ways to enhance the digital experience of the school community.

Muslim Digital Citizens are students who have been trained to understand the benefits and dangers of social media platforms and are able to conduct themselves safely and responsibly when online.

This programme has been designed to be delivered to students in Year 10

Yes, it is up to the schools to decide the students that will take part in the programme. Our in-school delivery sessions can cater for many students at one time so there will be no need for separate sessions.

All the resources for the sessions will be provided by us. All we will require is a suitable space to deliver the sessions (such as an assembly hall). Schools will have access to our online portal to access the resources needed for tasks and activities outside sessions.

To help plan your curriculum accordingly, we have divided the programme into five 2-hour sessions which will be delivered monthly from September to February. This includes time with the whole class as well as individual time with the Digital Safety Ambassadors and Citizens.

The sessions will be delivered by our project team who will work with the lead teacher to ensure they are productive and enjoyable.