Muslim Digital Ambassadors & Citizens Programme

Media Balance Information For Parents

This information leaflet provides updated and relevant guidance for parents on the topic of media balance related to their children’s activity online. This guidance is part of the Muslim Digital Safety Ambassadors and Citizens Programme, currently being run across London schools, supported by the Mayor of London and

Discuss Online Habits & Finds What Works

Each family is different and there are certain advantages and disadvantages to being both online and offline. Avoid using terms such as ‘ban ‘ or ‘ restrict’ and have a discussion with your child about what is important and beneficial to being online. This will help you work together with your child to create a healthy media balance.

Create Technology Time NO-GO Zones

Have a house rule for all technology to be put away at an agreed time (with allowances for non-school nights). Prepare to be met with resistance and complaints at first but keep in mind the long-term effects of uninterrupted sleep for your child and more appropriate levels of phone usage

Link Your Child’s Time Online With Their Health

Have a regular conversation with your children about their digital practices to see if there are any habits which affect their well being. For example, do they wake up in the middle of the night because of a text or call? Do they themselves notice any negative effects of using the phone late at night?